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This is a blog with one simple purpose: to share my love of make-up with the world. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a ridiculous obsession with cosmetics. Why not share my looks with everyone? I'll admit, I am not a professional or anything, but the most important part of make-up, to me anyway, is to have fun with it. So I shall do just that!

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    Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics!

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    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    Hello, my dears!

    I am so terribly sorry it has taken me so long to update this blog. Nothing really exciting happened between December and now except that I did a whole lot of nothing which seems weird that I didn't update, but I didn't actually purchase any new makeup nor did I have access to all of my other makeup so I didn't write anything. ANYWAY.

    Too tired to take photos now, but I'm going to do a brief EYEKO BEAUTY review!

    On to the GOODIES!

    Fat Balm in Minty: This stuff is freaking amazing. Not only does it sooth tired/chapped lips and cool with minty menthol, but it leaves the most GORGEOUS iridescent pink shimmer behind on your lips! I was dubious about the shimmer/color/tint it would leave, but now I am a believer, and now I know why so many customers rave about this stuff. I definitely need to try their other two flavors ASAP.

    Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Black: WOW. That is all I have to say about this pen. The nib, if you will, looks sort of like a combination paintbrush tip and pen nib and the eyeliner glides on really easily. I tried a bit on the back of my hand at first and it glided on fast and dark! I put some on my eyes and it looks excellent. My favorite three eyeliners are Kat Von D's Tattoo liner, Tarte's super thin twist eyeliner, and this stuff! My biggest gripe with KVD's is the fact that if you don't really shake it, it's hard to come out and sometimes it stops coming out entirely, and the Tarte gets hard and clumpy after a period of time, sometimes breaking off! This stuff totally beats both of them which rocks my world b/c it's so cheap in comparison!!

    Magic Eyeliner Transformer stuff: I forget the actual name, will look it up later but it's basically a pot of liquid that allows you to transform your favorite eyeshadows into liquid eyeliners. When I used it on my Urban Decay shadows, the colors came out way lighter and not as vibrant as expected. Plus the tip of the brush is really hard to clean off afterwards. Unless you really want multi-color eyeliner from your favorite shadows, this product is kind of a flop IMO. Maybe I just need a higher ratio of powder to liquid, but then again, the hard to clean part plays a role too. =/

    Eyeko Cream in Pink: It looks almost iridescent on your hand with a glimmer of gold and pink sheen. After applying to the face and rubbing in, you will notice a bit of a "glow" all over! Gorgeous cream, but the only downside is that if you have oily ish skin like I do, you may find it a bit too greasy after a few hours of wear. That is my only complaint. If you have dry skin, rejoice! It absorbs pretty well but I don't know if it's considered a moisturizer or not.

    Touch Up and Glow Highlighter Pen: Best used around the eye area or cheekbone area, it's a really nice highlighter. The way it works is the translucent pink cap pops right off and then you twist the back. When you first use it, it takes a ton of twists so don't be worried if nothing comes out initially. The end has a white brush/bristle tips and it glides on fairly smooth. I use it on my brow bone, under my eyes, and on cheek bones for a quick glow that is subtle but def. shimmery!

    Nail Polishes: I got Vintage Polish, Lilac Polish, and the Cosmic Polish. Sadly the nail polishes seem to be the one weakness of Eyeko IMHO. They come out sticky, and stringy like really really cheap polish does...or maybe expired nail polish. (Believe it or not, I do think nail polish has a finite lifetime. It gets nasty and sticky and stringy after a while.) I have no gripes AT ALL about the gorgeous COLOR of their polishes, but the consistency, viscosity, and texture of the polishes are just.... C- quality. :'(

    Unfortunately the shipping now costs money, but the plus side is the package will arrive sooner and I believe it is tracked and/or insured so it's safer. Before, it was free shipping worldwide, which was pretty freaking awesome but it took forever, like 2-3 weeks to arrive!

    In short, if you are considering ordering from Eyeko but are unsure about what to get for your first items, I would suggest the following: fat balm, eyeliner, and either the cream or the highligher pen depending on what you would use more. I'd skip the nail polishes, honestly, unless you really want one of those colors. Might I suggest applying some OPI or other good quality nail polish first in similar color as your base, and then layer on the Eyeko polish.

    Hope this was a semi-useful review! Adding photos later! :)


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